Sunday, August 30, 2009

something enormously important

i read this article a few weeks ago, but something about it stuck with me. i don't even know what it was really, but as i was thinking about what to blog about (since i haven't done so in such a long time), i remembered this. i particularly like the paragraph that starts "i don't believe that inner beauty is sufficient in this cruel world." i don't actually agree with it (the paragraph), but i think it's an interesting way to express a sentiment that the majority of the world feels.

Monday, August 3, 2009

august rush

does it seem like summer is almost gone to anyone else? june was such a rip-off this year. it rained 28 of the 30 days. for real. i'm not exaggerating. that's not summer. and now it's august. how can this be? how can it possibly be august already? and before we know it, it will be september. and labor day. then halloween, and thanksgiving. and then it will be christmas! holy cow-i am not ready for christmas!

i have actually bought one christmas present already. that probably seems insane, but i have an excuse. the things i bought were only for sale for a few days before they sold out. had to do it. by christmas i probably won't even be friends with the person i bought them for, but oh well. still couldn't pass up the opportunity.

in four days i will be on a plane headed to the big apple. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm pretty excited. especially for the yankees/red sox game we're going to. it's okay, you can be jealous. i would be if i were you. although the red sox are not doing so hot this season. hopefully it won't be too brutal. we'll see.

if your friend was going to nyc, what would you want him/her to bring you back? (hint, hint)

when i get back my family will be in town. well, part of my family. so i'll probably hang out with them for a while down in cedar. and then my good friend angie will be in town. and right after she leaves, school starts, which means that i'll be working. working. i haven't worked in so long i've forgotten how much i hate it and am actually looking forward to it. sarah and i will be switching roles. now i'll be the one who's bored after work and she'll have loads of homework to get done. but she's all responsible and such so i doubt i'll be able to get her to procrastinate her assignments as well as she gets me to procrastinate mine. for crying loud out, i need to do my homework.

can you feel the pressure? actually, it's weird, because for the first time in my life i don't feel it. i think for me the real pressure comes from having to make the big life decisions. and the little things just add onto that and stress me out. but i've finally procrastinated making any major decisions long enough that i've just stopped caring. if i can push them back this long, who knows how much longer i can keep them away? another year? five years? ten? keep tuning into this blog for periodic updates on my life-procrastination project. maybe i can make it to forty before i actually decide anything.