Sunday, December 21, 2008

christmas shopping

congratulate me, i am done with my christmas shopping. my original goal was to be finished shopping by dec 1. of course this goal was not met. i once again practiced a fun pastime i learned on the mission: making goals that are so outlandish they will never be reached. but i just got online to buy my very last gift. i've been following the price for more than a month now and i finally bought it. i am done done done with my christmas shopping. by dec 21. excellent. actually, this is something i need to work on in real life. because it's for christmas and it's for other people, i kept working on my goal until it was finished. however with normal goals, if i don't make them by my deadline, i completely give up and drop that goal. i don't know why this is exactly. i guess i'm just a give-upper. next year i plan on putting a lot less time and effort into buying gifts because the gifts i've given so far this year (after TONS of thoughtful contemplation by the way) have not been very appreciated. so i guess i'm giving up on that too. sad isn't it?

i have only two life goals, neither of which are completed. they are as follows:
1) own all the seasons of The Cosby Show on dvd.
2) have my own apartment.

i am actually pretty close to accomplishing this first one. not because of any effort on my part though. last year for christmas my sister and my parents bought me season 1-6. only 2 seasons to go. sweet! and since i'm currently living with my parents, i am not even close to my second goal. and really, i'm not actively working on either of these goals. hmm. it's probably better that i don't own all eight seasons, because if i did i would have accomplished one of my life goals and feel validated and end up living with my parents till i'm 40.

3) don't live with my parents until i'm 40.


Sophie said...

So now I'm glad I didn't get you Season 7 or 8 for Christmas.

I daydream about you and Sarah moving into an apartment in our building. You'd have to get a bunk bed, but come on, that would be awesome. I want it to be like Seinfeld. We've got the whole buzzer thing, but no Kramer. So, if you did that, you could set a new life goal #2. Or just cross it off and be done with such goals.

Metta said...

Congratulations on finishing your gift shopping! So, a confession: I don't know for sure who you are, but I have two good guesses: Alissa or Desi? I've followed every little internet spying trick I have up my sleeves to figure out who you are, but no luck. I love your writing though, and Marcos and I have cracked up multiple times reading your four fabulous entries. Merry Christmas!

Sarah said...

Hopefully we can both accomplish goal number 3... very soon!