Thursday, September 24, 2009

forget about your worries and your strife

seriously? i haven't posted anything in almost a month? crazy. lots has happened. and lots hasn't happened.

i started work a month ago. i work at the school district's children's behavioral therapy unit. as the teacher in the training i went to the other day said, "kids with extreme emotional disorders." as i say, "kids with completely dysfunctional parents." working with kids is pretty interesting. they make me crazy. they also make me laugh really hard. they all have a lot of problems and they all can be so so bad. they all have a lot to deal with and they all deserve so so much better.

sarah and i lost two AMAZING apartments this month. big annoyance. i am so sick of looking at apartments. i am so sick of emailing and calling people about apartments. i am so sick of thinking we found the right place and then it not working out. and now we're waiting to hear back about the third apartment we found. this one is mediocre and i wouldn't care much if we didn't get it. but i would be so nice to just have a place.

other than that i've just been dealing with a lot of people. annoying people, impatient people, suicidal people, sick people, drunk people, crazy people...the last several days i've pretty much holed myself up in my room to avoid others, because sometimes you really just need to sit in the dark and watch house.

there are a lot of people who i've been contacting much less lately, but i'm not mad at you or avoiding you. i'm just busy. and tired. i am SOOOOO tired. i now get up at six(ish) everyday, but that doesn't mean that it's any easier to fall asleep. even if i got three hours of sleep the night before and have been exhausted all day, it'll still take several hours to fall asleep. sucks. but such is life i guess. adulthood is all about being tired...all the time...for the rest of your life...sigh.

what should i be for halloween?

"they'll come to you...they'll come to you"

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Sophie said...

You also got to deal with puking people today, which was a barrel of laughs.

Adulthood really is all about being tired, isn't it? Sure does suck.

I have a Halloween idea for us that I forgot to tell you about today. Remind me tomorrow.