Monday, January 18, 2010

isn't it ironic...don't you think?

technology has created quite a few social phenomenons in recent years. one of them being that texting has become many people's main form of communication. this has resulted in a myriad of impersonal personal relationships. i must admit i love texting. i mean, there are so many good uses for it. for example, yesterday i sent a text with one question to someone i don't talk to often enough. and she sent me back the answer. simple as that. i didn't have time at that moment to have the necessary conversation filling each other in on the going-ons of our lives. i will soon, but just not yesterday. another good use is when you've already talked to the person twice that day and having to say all the "how are you"s and the "okay, talk to you later"s over again becomes awkward. in this case you can just continue your conversation through texts. quite useful.

it is, of course, illegal to drive and text in utah, but there may be a possibility that i still flipped open my phone occasionally and got out a text. of course, if i had done this i would never have taken my eyes off the road. no need, you see, because i could feel the buttons and would have had them memorized. however, with the recent acquirement of a touch screen phone, it is no longer possible to text while driving. not that i would or anything...mmhmm. this situation has caused an interesting anomaly. as i drive through a city i'll feel my phone vibrate and i find myself wishing for red lights. red lights so i can stop and read my text and answer and continue my impersonal but useful conversation. of course, when i wish for red lights they always seem to be green...but then, that's not the ironic part now is it?


Automobile Birdsinger said...

Funny, funny!!! You can have my phone if you want??;)

Sarah said...

Maybe you should practice texting on your touch screen without looking. Just so you can continue your illegal habit. :)