Wednesday, March 3, 2010

birthday fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yesterday was my birthday!!!!! it was awe-some! the one day a year i set aside completely for myself always leaves me amazed at how blessed i am. my birthday is better every single year, mostly because i have the GREATEST friends that anyone ever could have. ever. seriously, it blows me away how exceptional they all are.

so my birthday started out with a day of work. i chose to work (even though i could have taken it off) because i love the kids and i love the people i work with. sarah brought a giant cookie to school so i could share it with the kids. (they asked if she was my mom hahahaha!) it was a little rough in the afternoon though. the kids were being particularly annoying and i could feel a headache coming on.but nothing bad can happen on my birthday so i popped a couple ibprofen and left work as soon as the kids were gone. i picked up a balloon bouquet on my way home that a wonderful friend living on the other side of the US sent me. then on to the roller-rink where i got to rollerskate with some close friends for a few hours. rollerskating is one of my favorite activities. it's a little bit like flying if you go fast enough.

we then went to sarah's parent's house, where we met a few more friends who made us AMAZING homemade pizza. i was showered with cheesecake and awesome gifts and we played black ball white ball and urn ping pong all night. i laughed so hard my face hurt. it was a really great day and i am so thankful for the many wonderful friends i have. i hope you all know how great you are. my life would be so much lamer without you :)


Garrett K said...

desi, ur bday was bomb!

Sarah said...

My favorite part was watching Garrett play black ball white ball. And rollerskating. Most def! :) And I am definitely not old enough to be your mother. Nor do I look like I could be... Right???