Sunday, October 24, 2010

safety glasses

one of the many jobs i do at work is to go to patient's rooms and get some different signatures that may be needed depending on the patient. i have met some really cool people and heard/seen some crazy stuff doing this. the other day i was in one of the icu's (intensive care unit) and i met a patient who told me he had gotten a toothpick in his brain. what? no, no, his wife explained, it was just a piece of wood. it had barely missed his eye and shot right into his brain. i was so amazed at his seemingly complete recovery and what had led up to it that in the several minutes we were talking i never got around to asking what he had been doing in the first place. i couldn't sleep that night thinking about all the ways he could have gotten a piece of wood stuck in his brain. and now i'll never know. but i did learn one thing: always wear safety glasses when doing anything where there is a possibility of something getting in your eyes because you might not just poke an eye out. you might end up in the neuro icu.

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