Wednesday, February 18, 2009

another nail in the coffin

so tonight i went with my 13-year-old sister, becca, to new beginnings (a young women's thing). please note that becca is THIRTEEN years old. did i mention that becca is 13? so after it was over we were sitting there eating dessert and a member of the young women's presidency (it's a new ward so they don't know everyone) came up and said "so are you rebecca's mom?" i replied, "nope, sister." she quickly tried to recover by saying "oh, you're definitely too young to be becca's mom." TOO LAAAATE.

for crying loud out. becca was born when i was TWELVE years old. i was younger than she is now. do i really look that old? i am turning 25 in a couple weeks. do i really look old enough to have a thirteen year old daughter? depressing.

25 ways you can tell you're turning 25
1. the thing you're most looking forward to is the drop in your car insurance
2. you start lying about your age
3. you think the new music on the radio is garbage
4. you start analyzing every aspect of your life
5. people begin addressing you as sir/ma'am
6. you wonder if you should begin using those anti-aging products you see in commercials
7. you remember meeting someone four years ago who was 25 and thinking they were insanely old and now. . .
8. you want to feel "all put together" like an adult. . . but you don't
9. social pressure really starts to lose its effect
10. you've started a blog
11. you make sure someone knows your funeral instructions
12. they start playing the songs you listened to in high school on the oldie's station
13. you worry about turning 30
14. you worry about turning 40
15. spending the evening home alone watching a dvd sounds pretty appealing
16. you can no longer pull an all-nighter without feeling sick
17. concealer doesn't go as far as it used to
18. you start recognizing symptoms of alzheimer's in yourself
19. making goals and life plans consumes your thoughts
20-24. lists with more than ten points bore you
25. you get mistaken for your TEENAGE SIBLING'S PARENT!


Sophie said...

HAHAHA. How did the lady not know you? Is she new in the ward or something? That's just ridiculous to think you would be Becca's mom. And I have totally started worrying about turning 30 and 40 and getting wrinkles. Just yesterday I was telling myself that I know several women who are 30 or almost 30 and have no wrinkles, so everything's going to be okay.

Courtney said...

3, 10, 15 are all me too!

you dont look old enough to be beccas mom, it just shows are completely stupid mormon women can be, especially the younger ones that are newly moms or newly weds. they are just out of high school, give them a break i guess.