Saturday, February 21, 2009

personal prophesying

it shall soon come to pass that it wilst become twenty-five years since the time of my birth, thus leaving such little time before it wilst become thirty years from the time of my birth. and this shall be my list of things i shall accomplish before that wretched and miserable day.

30 things to do before i'm 30

1. dye my hair blonde
2. own all seasons of the cosby show
3. live alone without any other people
4. visit all those people in ha-WA-ii
5. run a mile without dying
6. learn to play chess
7. go on a cruise
8. stop biting my nails
9. invent something
10. see topgun
11. take my picture in times []
12. taste edible gold
13. finish that stupid cross stitch project i started in 7th grade
14. read anna karenina
15. go to a music concert
16. own all brand new socks at some one point
17. learn spanish
18. own a fancy camera and actually take pictures (do this before 11)
19. do a backflip
20. play the cello
21. take a cooking class
22. give more to charity than i can afford
23. get my teeth whitened
24. learn to surf or sail
25. get my portrait painted--and like it
26. build/re-do a piece of furniture
27. buy and learn the ukulele
28. learn to ride

you may have noticed 30 is it's up to you. what should my #30 thing to do before i turn 30 be? please leave your suggestions and be creative! thanks!

p.s. i'm totally going to finish my list before lisa finishes


Metta said...

#30. Re-order #1-#29 in a list with most-doable at the top, and least do-able at the bottom, and start on the new #1 tomorrow, working my way down.

Automobile Birdsinger said...

I am slightly insulted that you referred to turning 30 as the wretched and miserable day.:P Listening to you and your friends, I may never leave my room again!;)

Sophie said...

You can do #15 with me this Spring, 'cause Morrissey is going on tour again! Also, #12 isn't so hard to find. I had some on a chocolate in San Francisco the other day.

I think your #30 should be to ride a gigantic turtle.