Tuesday, June 9, 2009

lookin' out my own eyes

my sister says i don't write enough about my life. which is to say the point to the title of my blog. you can't write about your life if you don't actually have one. basically my life consists of going to school, studying for school, driving to and from school, and every now and then hanging out with assorted friends. speaking of assorted friends, someone should make one of those facebook pictures where they have a bunch of small labeled pictures and you have to assign one of your friends to each picture. but the picture should be a box of chocolates. assorted chocolates. get it? yeah...anyway, i've been sick for the last two weeks. being sick in june is pretty much the lamest thing ever, except it has actually rained every single day this week, so i guess i'm not really missing too much. the forecast for the next ten days has it raining every single day. for the next ten days. (in case i didn't emphasize that fully) ugh. but you didn't want to know the weather forecast. unless you live in utah, but most of you don't. so the picture from above is the tokyo underground water system. stole it straight from stumble upon. how's that for random? so two things i've learned in my psychology of gender class this week: men fall in love more easily then women and men take break-ups harder than women. sociological fact. if you believe a bunch of silly sociological studies. maybe you do, maybe you don't. but it's fact nonetheless. also this week i lost the plastic piece that connects to my earphones. you know, the part that makes the headphone stay in your ear. anyway, i usually only use one earphone and i cover the other earphone with my thumb because even though you can't hear it sitting right next to it i worry it will wake the people in the next room. so i was holding it and then i put it down for literally one minute and when i picked it back up the plastic part had fallen off and was gone. i searched all around for it for ten minutes and nothing. disappeared into thin air. a totally illogical concept but still the truth. so because i've been sick i've been sucking on a lot of chocolate, chocolate of course being a natural cough suppressant. okay, okay, not of course. really no one ever believes me when i tell them this fact. but it's true. and it works quite well actually. lasts a lot longer than a cough drop. but i've had this cough for two weeks now, so needless to say i'm a bit chocolated out. well, to be honest, i'm totally chocolated out. if i never eat another piece of chocolate again it will be too soon. that is of course until next week. heres where i was going to put a fun calvin and hobbes cartoon:
it had to do with my life right now because it was about calvin giving a presentation and i've been giving a lot of presentations lately. i have another one on wednesday. but blogger won't let it post for some silly reason. oh bother.
yup. yup yup yup. so as you can see from this incredibly interesting blog post, my life is chock full of excitement. do you know what's annoying about being sick? it's not the symptoms. okay, they are really annoying. but what else is annoying is that whenever you mention that you're sick (or when you appear sick, as it can't be hidden) people ALWAYS ask if you have the swine flu in a half joking sort of way. do they really think that they are the first people to have thought of the oh-so-big of a stretch that exists from being sick to having the swine flu? no, i do not have the swine flu. please for the love stop asking me if i have the dumb swine flu. (to all of you reading this who have in fact asked me if i have the swine flu, i apologize...but not really though) anyways...i saw benjamin button again tonight. not better the second time around, which really should have been obvious as it was not great the first time around. to be fair the cgi was pretty amazing in this movie. but i just can't stand when movies feel the audience is too stupid to get the moral of the story so they must just go right out and say it. sometimes repeating it three times, because that's how dumb movie viewers are. whats especially annoying about this movie is that there are more than five morals of the story that they feel they must tell you. let's see what i can remember...'we're meant to lose the people we love. how else can we know how important they are to us'...'you can be mad at the way things turned out, you can swear, curse fate, but in the end you just have to let go'...'life is defined by opportunities...even the ones we miss'...and of course the main one that can best be summed up by miss elliot's "it's never too late to be what you might have been.' these are of course not direct quotes or anything like that. just what i pulled from memory. if i could pick a less obvious theme from the movie, which simply by being less obvious is also better, it would be this quote: "i'm always lookin' out my own eyes." this is, at least, the lesson i choose to take from this movie. the characters, even though they love each other desperately, cannot really understand each other. they can't truly comprehend what the other person is going through because their lives have been so outrageously different. and even though most people's lives are not quite as bizarre as ben button's, i think this idea transcends to all human relationships. you don't know what other people have experienced to make them feel or think the way they do about whatever it is they are thinking and feeling about. all we can do is love them anyway. no matter how hard we try to see the other person's point of view, we really can't, because we're always looking out our own eyes. i think this is one of the aspects that makes the atonement so special. when something crappy happens to us, other people can comfort us because they've had similar experiences. but pain is such an individual experience and process that we all go through quite separately from each other. Christ though, he really does know how we feel because He's felt our personal experience and our personal pain Himself, He's looked through our eyes. personally i think this makes Him love us more. the real challenge is letting this make us love Him more. that sentence is weird, but it's what i mean. wow, this post has become much longer than i anticipated. sorry all, just wanted to post a few comments on what i've been doing lately. my thoughts just get all muddled up with my actions. hope it's sufficient, court ;)


Metta said...

Was it that cartoon where Calvin has a special binder, and he figures he's going to get an A because he has a special binder, even though there's nothing worth anything written inside? That's how I felt the entire past two years...

aHighFiveFantasticTime said...

well done.