Monday, November 16, 2009

cause baby it's christmas, all over....again dadadadada, again, dadadadada....

what should i blog about? what should i blog about? hmm.

so i was reading time the other day and there was a little blurb called "call it a nasal spray" with the subline "new studies on how clean smells can improve moral behavior." as soon as i read this i figured it must have been a mormon who did this study. it must be the phrase "moral behavior." really, who else would study moral behavior but a mormon? and sure enough, as i read on, i discovered that this study was in fact done at brigham young university. a quote, from katie liljenquist, an assistant professor at the marriott school of management: "what we wondered was whether you could regulate ethical behavior through cleanliness. we found that we could." so basically they did a couple studies and found that people in citrus-windex smelling spaces were more likely to act in a fair and charitable manner. moral of the story: spray citrus windex around your house and you're on your way to heaven.

in other news, i'm getting lasik on friday. the fact that they'll be cutting my eye open doesn't really scare me at all. however, the idea of them prying my eyes open with metal prongs for even two minutes FREAKS me out. just thinking about it makes my eyes water. oh well...clear vision here i come.

i made my christmas list. there are only three people on it without a gift next to their name. it's funny to think that i already had a blog at this time last year. and look at how few posts there are since then! maybe i should go on a blogging kick again and shoot for 25 days in a row this time. but we'll see.

today's uplifting thought of the day comes from cha sa-soon, a 68-year-old south korean woman. she said "you can achieve your goal if you persistently pursue it." she would know. she finally passed her country's written driver's license test. on her 950th try. holy. south korea's driving test must be crazy hard. also i wonder how much it costs to take it and if they ever started giving her a bulk discount. but don't give up, right?

also, this week i learned that dry cleaning can be bad for both the planet and your health. why didn't anyone tell me this? i mean, i'm still going to take my silk dresses to the dry cleaners, but how is it, with all the talk about green this and green that, that i never heard about the evils of dry cleaning until this week? i tell ya.

big news this week is the opening of the second twilight movie. gag. seriously people? seriously?

there is also a meteor shower happening tonight. this happens every year. i went to it when i was a freshman. or maybe a sophmore. it was cold and i saw a bunch of shooting stars. yippee. so not worth it. what's the big deal about shooting stars anyway? i always thought it was because you stare up into the night sky for hours and if you see one shooting star you're really lucky and you get a wish or something. but if there are dozens of shooting stars an hour, where's the magic in that? bo-ring.

also, the woman behind 'secret life of a call girl' has a doctorate? what? i guess i just don't imagine highly educated women choosing to have sex for money. gross. gross gross gross. i mean, i can't imagine any good reason people want to have sex at all, but for money? with strangers? that's got to be the worst reason of all. ew gross. changing the subject.

here's my shout-out to garrett for joining the blogging world. welcome. it can be a really entertaining world to be in. or it would be...if people blogged more often. HINT HINT.

yes, i know i'm a hypocrite. but in my defense, i'd blog more if you did. (yes, i mean you.)

any last words? seriously people? twilight? vomit.


Metta said...

I'll have to get that citrus windex now. As if we need it...

But seriously, how did they define higher moral behavior? I want to know how people acted differently. Was it like, picking up trash off the floor or something?

Oh, and did you hear that we're having a baby? Her name is Giovanna and she'll make her grand appearance in March or April. I'm starting to get fat, but I guess that's no different from how you saw me in the mission. Except for now I'm getting cute fat. Before I was self-inflicted-japanese-feather-mullet fat. Not quite the same...

love you.

aHighFiveFantasticTime said...

i write in my blog at least once a week. YOU on the other hand havent written in like months!