Monday, November 23, 2009

'til a new computer purchase do we part

so there's this column in slate magazine called 'dear prudence' where people write in their questions about manner and morals. or at least that's what they're supposed to ask about. i was reading some old ones the other day and ran across this question sent in:

Dear Prudence,
I recently married my dream husband. We have incredible chemistry and a shared commitment to each other. When we disagree, we settle our differences by balancing logic and gut feelings. That is, until we came to our disagreement on which laptop I should buy to replace my Mac PowerBook. We are both in the software industry and have strong preferences on which operating system we prefer. I have been a happy Mac user for years. My husband can't stand the Mac, and his only explanation is the image associated with Mac users. Whenever he sees me with my PowerBook, he thinks of the "Get a Mac" commercials where Justin Long, who is a Mac, ridicules John Hodgman, a PC. I agree with him that the commercials are obnoxious, but they have nothing to do with the usability of the Mac. My husband said jokingly that I could get a Mac only over the divorce papers. I don't believe he was joking. It's getting to a point that we cannot discuss this without getting our blood boiling.

—Boiling Blood

are these people serious? it seems to me that you would know what kind of computer your significant other had BEFORE you married them and if it bothered you that much you'd just break up then. but for the love, how could this bother you that much? if you are this passionate about what type of computer OTHER people use, please seek counseling.


Garrett K said...

OMG seriously people! but the woman is right the mac is better!

aHighFiveFantasticTime said...

macs suck. they are just a power grabbing money machine. they dont care about anything but money. I HATE MACS..but i wouldnt date or not date someone because of a mac.

Automobile Birdsinger said...

Check out Sunday's cake wreck...from another couple who have differing opinions on their computer preferences...but love has overcome...